Formulated by industry professionals, Dermalogicaís product range prescribes a unique, results orientated treatment and home care regime. The extensive range of taylored products provides your therapist with the tools to create the ultimate facial which evolves to meet the demands of our ever changing skin care needs. Dermalogica also offers a range of unique home care products which are designed to help you achieve and maintain your skin care goals. We are happy to discuss your individual needs and provide you with advice for your essential home care regime. During training for the Beauty Specialist qualification I worked with the Dermalogica professional products and received additional training by Dermalogica on both the professional and retail product range which is an essential element of becoming an Official Dermalogica stockist.

Frequency of Treatments

A monthly facial will help maintain maximal health for your skin. Short frequent anti aging courses are avaliable which are weekly if you are in need of a quick fix for that special event.

Can I have this Treatment?

If you are unsure if you are able to have this treatment please call us.

Home care

Taylored home care advice is given to every individual during your treatment.


However general advice to follow is to cleanse your skin twice a day with a good quality product, avoid any harsh ingredient such as alcohol which strips the skins natural protective barrier and often makes conditions worse. If you wear make-up try cleansing your skin twice you will be surprised, the first cleanse will remove the products on your skin and the second will get deeper into the skin helping to prevent the blocked pores often seen with poor cleansing.


The environment is loaded with elements that break down the structure of your skin, to protect against this daily assault a good mosituriser will help provide the moisture and protection for your skin that it needs. If you have an oily skin type donít be fooled, you need a moisturiser just as much as a dry skin type. A light non-oil based product will help protect your skin.


Masques, Exfoliators, SPF protection, Eye products, specialised treatment products. All these elements help to provide you with the tools to create and maintain your desired results.

Hydration and Diet

Both will have an effect on your skin and getting the balance right can achieve amazing results for your skin both on your face and body.


A healthy inside is reflected on the outside even small amounts of exercise can make a big difference, itís worth it on so many levels.

Sun exposure and Smoking

Both elements will increase the aging seen on your skin and increase the skins requirements for powerful anti aging treatments and multi vitamin products. These wont undo the damage, but will help to improve your skin. The secret is not to smoke and use a good quality SPF that provides a full spectrum of protection. UVA is said to be the same strength all year round, this is the one that is most aging on the skin so all year round protection is advised.

More advice needed?

Please feel free to visit or call the salon for individual taylored advice.