At Jennifer Claire we use dermalogicaís professional skin care products. Nail Polish brands used are OPI, Orly, Attitude and Revlon. If you have your own colour you are welcome to bring it with you to use in your treatment.

Frequency of treatments

Pedicures are usually every 4 Weeks, manicures are more frequent. Treatments may need to be more often if you are new to them and need a bit of extra TLC to get those hands and feet into a healthy managable condition. Excessive hard skin on feet should be addressed by a qualified chiropodist who is trained to remove this build up using the appropriate tools.

Can I have these treatments?

There are conditions that prevent a treatment being carried out: If you suspect you have a bacterial infection, fungal infection or viral infection, seek medical advice there are many products to help treat nails and skin and a medical professional will point you in the right direction. Check you feet regularly and look at the base of the feet for signs of verrucas and other conditions. Many people donít even know they have them until they are a problem and it takes longer to treat. There are other contraindications which include: Diabetes, Recent fractures, sprains, loss of sensation, Infectious conditions, severe nail separation. For more information or advice contact the Salon.

Home Care

To maintain the salon results it is essential that a level of home care is observed. We can make those digits look fab in the salon but to keep them that way between visits you will need to look after them.

Some Tools for home care


Household cleaning solutions will dry out skin and nails making hands rough and nails flaky and brittle. Long term exposure to these chemicals is not advised, gloves will provide some protection. Gardening gloves will also help protect hands and skin from damage.


I hear what your saying but just try it, if nothing else give them a good dose just before you go to bed and treat those cuticles too they will love you for it.

Nail brush

Lets just say you dont want to know whats under those nails so scrub, scrub scrub.

Good Diet

If you have been under the weather or are lacking in certain nutrients and minerals your nails and skin will tell you. For example it is said that if you suffer with dry scaly skin on your heals there is a good chance that you are lacking in some essential fats. Use of skin care products don't replace the need for a healthy diet and exercise.


From personal experience it seems to be true. I notice the biggest improvement in my nails when I follow a regular exercise programme. Helping your body transport nutrients and flush out waste products the health benefits alone are worth considering.

Foot File

Just a few minutes a week will help prevent dry skin building up on your feet. A nice rich moisturiser will go down a treat too!

Nail File

Avoid sawing at them when you file your nails, the friction will split the nail layers drying out the fat that holds them together causing them to flake and peel.

A good quality nail strengthener

Be advised that they donít work for everyone as some people are sensitive to the ingredients which will actually make your nails worse. Itís trial and error but many clients swear by them and they do offer protection for your nails between Salon visits. You may have hard working hands and feet but with a little TLC they dont have to look like it.