At Jennifer Claire warm waxing is the treatment method used. It is a popular method for temporary hair removal.

Frequency of treatments

On average from 4Ė6 weekly intervals

Can I have waxing?

If you are new to this treatment a patch text would be advised to ensure your not sensitive to the products used or the method of hair removal. If you are concerned about any reactions contact the salon.

Other conditions that prevent treatment

Folliculitis, recent scar tissue, skin disorders, diabetes, defective circulation, loss of skin sensation, sprains/fractures, severe varicous veins, infectious skin conditions

Local conditions that should be avoided

Abraisions, cuts, heat rash, warts, hairy/raised moles, sunburn.

Preparation on day of treatment

Donít apply any oils or lotions, this will reduce the effectiveness of the wax. Avoid other heat treatments pre/post 24hrs waxing. Sun damaged skin can peel away with the wax and leave sensitive areas. Leave at least 1 weeks hair growth after shaving for waxing to be effective. Exfoliate well once a week but not on day of treatment this has many advantages for waxing. Some clients take pain killers before their treatment it is your decision if you wish to try this but some clients tell me it helps them.

Post Treatment

If redness continues a cold compress should help soothe the skin. Avoid wearing tight clothing over area immediately post treatment, Tight clothing is also said to contribute to ingrowing hair as are dry skin conditions. Swimming or excercise that may induce sweating and heat on the skin should be avoided for 12-24hrs. Avoid applying any products to the waxed area for 24hrs, aftersun lotion or antisceptic cream can be applied if needed during this time to help soothe as required. Regular moisturising and exfoliating every 4-7 days starting 3 days post treatment will help keep skin in good condition and help prevent ingrowing hairs.

You never know until you try it you have nothing to lose other than stubble or hair so go for it give smooth skin a try.